NetBSD 6 and Folding@home v7 client

It is already some time when you can download folding@home v7 client for Windows, Linux and MAC OS X. Besides, it has two additional applications FAHControl – graphical application for configuration and progress monitoring and FAHViewer – 3D work unit viewer. This time I was able to run FAHClient in NetBSD only (but not like service). It is possible that FAHViewer didn’t work because client wasn’t running like service. FAHControl might be another story. It is python application and it tries to run after some modifications but no UI appears and it loads forever (taking one core fully). I suspect you can launch service easily if you put all files in correct places and modify init script a little bit (it is included in Linux version). Nevertheless you can run folding@home v7 on NetBSD 6 and onwards though some work is needed. Of course, you need Linux emulation enabled and suse121 packages installed for that and download rpm or deb FAHClient package and extract it manually. What is more, you need to find* file which doesn’t come in those packages. The easiest way for me was to copy them from my Fedora 17 installation (they reside in /usr/lib64 folder. I just took all libbz2* files, two of them were simlinks) and put them in the same directory in NetBSD system. Ubuntu has different folder structure but you should be able to find them in /usr/lib or /usr/lib64 folders. Be careful, don’t replace Linux library files with your NetBSD ones. Otherwise google should help you. It is enough to run FAHClient but I still had problems because it couldn’t connect to stanford servers to download core files. Because of this you have two options. First one is to download them manually (you can see download link in folding log file) and put them in quite puzzling folder structure (cores/[coreversion].fah/ where¬†[coreversion] should be changed to a3 or a4 or any other you downloaded) . Second option is to get them from your other OS installation if you have been already using folding@home (files from other folding@home versions suits well). One other option is to use much older 6.02 Linux client version which downloads cores without any problems in NetBSD (but this version download only one core at time that is needed for current folding project). Finally, if you run folding client manually from terminal (not as service), your current path should be the same to the FAHClient application. Otherwise it creates working folders in the same place from which you have started the application and it can cause additional problems (it is common problem in Linux too). So if all this information didn’t scare you and you want put your NetBSD system to this project with the newest client version you can do it with some effort (older versions runs more easily but 6.23 can’t download core files too you need to get them manually as well). Good luck.

config.xml example
<user value=’yourusername’/>
<team value=’38099’/>
<passkey value=’yourpasskey’/>
<smp value=’true’/>
<gpu value=’false’/>