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NetBSD accepted for GSoC and other news

I wasn’t posting any news lately but it doesn’t mean nothing is happening around NetBSD project. The NetBSD Foundation was accepted as GSoC (Google Summer of Code) organization for 2016. If I’m not wrong project wasn’t participating in GSoC last year, so it’s a welcoming come back after missing one year. Interested students can submit proposals from 14 of March.

Another news came from NetBSD core team. Allan Barrett decided to step down from the group for the personal reasons. Another long-time NetBSD developer, Martin Husemann, took his place and joined the core team.

On hardware side just recently released Raspberry Pi 3 got initial support on current branch, however, still in aarch32 mode.

Last but not the least I just moved full blog page to https and changed theme to  twentyforteen.

Added Collapse-O-Matic plugin to hide dmesg logs

I’ve added Collapse-O-Matic plugin to wordpress recently. It provided “expand” shortcut that wraps content into collapsible div. I’ve used it to hide all dmesg logs in my blog. It should have helped to give more readable and cleaner look for it. If you want to look at the dmesg, just click on dmesg arrow and it will expand the text. By clicking it again, you will hide it back.