Some interesting developments on NetBSD

Since I didn’t write any news update for a while, lately some interesting developments were happening in few NetBSD areas which I would like to share.

Virtualization is one of these areas, it received few interesting updates recently. The first one is Intel HAXM hardware-accelerated support. You can also read an independently written how-to here. It works with Intel CPUs with VTx only. Another one is NetBSD Virtual Machine Monitor or NVVM. Initially it supported AMD CPUs only, but recently it was updated to support Intel CPUs too. You can read It is a good time to start testing them. Update: the developer recently added the detailed NVVM presentation article to the official NetBSD blog.

Another area was LLVM sanitizers and improved LLVM support (reports can be found in NetBSD blog here, here, here and here).

One more hot topic is RISC-V architecture recently. Especially, once WD released their SweRW core on GitHub. The NetBSD project developers started work on RISC-V support as well:

Finally, you can watch an interesting FOSDEM’19 video by Benny Siegert who provided more info on various updates.