NetBSD6 BETA2 released

NetBSD6 BETA2 was released on May 26, 2012. According to an interesting bsdtalk215 conversation with David Maxwell, Julio Merino, and Brett Lymn at BSDCan 2012 about upcoming release, it is expected to be last beta release before the first release candidate. Of course, if it is needed we may see other beta releases too. This release is interesting to me because one fix was made by help from myself. It took almost three years to find a problem for me after I submitted it (I investigated the problem lot of times in that period). Nevertheless I was extremely happy to contribute to the project.

Last but not least, you can read an interesting interview at  with another NetBSD member – Martin Husemann. It is especially interesting to new people who wants to understand what NetBSD is and what can you expect from it. Some information about upcoming NetBSD 6 release is mentioned too.