pkgsrc-2020Q1 released and more

Today the pkgsrc developers announced the 66th quarterly release. In total 335 packages were added, 163 were removed and 2323 package updates performed (to 1762 unique packages) since last release. Please read release announcement for the highlights of the release. pkgsrc can be retrieved from the github mirror, CVS repository or as a tar file. Instructions can be found here.

In general, I am using pkgsrc extensively and recently I had a very positive experience on one of my secondary computers for the first time after 2 years. I was pleasantly surprised with the very smooth process with only wine package failing (which is quite expected for NetBSD as a target, it was patched manually before as well). Personally, I usually use current branch, but the pkgsrc-2020Q1 release should guarantee stability of packages if that matters to your setup. Binary packages will be also based on this release (installed by pkgin). Recently, I started to contribute to pkgsrc through pkgsrc WIP which makes it easier to contribute fore newcomers. Thank to this, I also contributed to 1 package update in this release :).

Addionally, I also missed NetBSD 9.0 based irBSD 15.03.2020 v9 release. It can be downloaded from here. For the reminder, it is a digital forensic suite for cryptography, penetration testing, data recovery, reverse engineering, privacy and other security tasks with pkgin package manager and ratpoison as default window manager. Give it a try!

The last but not the least, there is an interesting project going on to run RISC OS and NetBSD at the same time on RK3399 SoC. You can read about the project here or follow Michael Grunditz tweeter account.