NetBSD 10 RC6

NetBSD 10 is really close to final release now, the 6th release candidate was prepared on 12th of March, 2024. Last few RC releases were mainly focusing on security and minor fixes. Currently release is scheduled by the end of March, however the date is not set in stone and one or more release candidates can be prepared.

The formal release announcement is available here and should be updated for the any interim RC releases, including the final one in the same link. It took more than a year after netbsd-10 was branched to reach first RC release and few months passed after that. Not everything is perfect, a new DRM/KMS subsystem version supports more hardware, but also may lead to failures where it worked before. Supported graphics card may have different issues as well. Hopefully, they will be addressed in the future releases. However, the release brings strong performance improvements, plenty of new hardware support and device drivers, improvements to modern and legacy/vintage systems, new features and enhancements, multiple updates to third-party software and much more. Please test it! Download links for multiple platforms are available in the official blog post, more images can be explored from the CDN . And please report bugs here.