First fix on my reported bug

I filed three bug reports yesterday (total count of my submitted bugs are 4 now) and I got a first fix this morning. It is actually the first code change to NetBSD repository caused by my bug report. That was fast but I hope other bugs will be fixed in less than a year contrary to my first bug report for which I made workaround myself and it is not fixed for almost 3 years. Though I don’t expect much as all of them related to specific hardware and its drivers problems. However, I am happy that my time spent on testing and debugging didn’t go wasted. If you want to fill a bug report you can use web interface for that (or NetBSD send-pr tool).

First post

NetBSD is free and open source Unix-like operating system. It is one of major BSD flavors. I am not a member of NetBSD team and I am just one of this OS users. However this blog is intended to describe my experience with this OS and post some news about NetBSD or other BSDs. Posts won’t be frequent though.

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